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Hi, I’m Tanita. Brand strategist and brand designer (B.A. Brand/Communication Design). Something between creative free spirit and structured process person.

I want to light up the world. I want to make soulful projects visible and give them an identity. I want to make them emotionally appealing and practical to reach even more people. I am convinced that with good design we can make the world a little more sustainable, aesthetic and functional.

Brand strategy

Corporate Design



Essence. Emotion. Energy.

Three words that always flow into each other – in my life, in my work and in every individual collaboration with my clients. My concept of holistic branding. Identity, design, external impact – essence, emotion, energy.

Based on an elaborated brand strategy, I create brands that are fit for the digital age. In addition to a consistent corporate design, I create cross-media applications of the brand (from the logo to styleguides to social media, the website and possible print applications).

I love good coffee, feel-good places, the sea, minimalist product design, Italy (especially Milan since I’ve been living abroad), discovering beautiful and exciting places in the world, old buildings and herringbone parquet flooring – and our bright, light-flooded studio in Munich, cycling through the city in the sun, clearing my head while jogging in the park, sunrises and sunsets, creative brainstorming, dancing at live concerts and singing along at the top of my voice, laughing until my stomach hurts and making other people shine.

Since the beginning of 2022, my dear Miri has been supporting me in the design team to create conceptual and creative brand designs for meaningful brands and companies.

At the same time, Miri is currently studying media design (B.A.) and is diving even deeper into design topics and knowledge.

Miri loves telling people’s life stories, discovering valuable details in life and creating things from them that help others and add value to this world. She firmly believes that everyone has special talents and passions that need to be developed and strengthened. And that these can only unfold their true greatness when they are used for the good of others.

Essence / Identity

– Analysis
– Positioning
– Target audience
– Why – How – What
– Brand Story
– Guiding idea and concept
– Brand values
– Design principles

Emotion / Design

– Design concepts
– Logo (Word-Image-Mark)
– Typography
– Colours
– Imagery
– Illustration Style
– Design elements
– Layout behaviour
– Brand styleguides

Energy / Launch

– Design applications
– Brand consulting and support
– Social Media Feed Design
– Concept and creation website
– Implementation of website (WordPress)


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