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I combine brand strategy and design to create strong, emotional, holistic brands in the digital world.


– Brand Strategy & Design

Hi, I’m Tanita. Brand strategist and brand designer (B.A. Brand/Communication Design). Something between creative free spirit and structured process person.

I want to light up the world. I want to make soulful projects visible and give them an identity. I want to make them emotionally appealing and practical to reach even more people. I am convinced that with good design we can make the world a little more sustainable, aesthetic and functional.

Essence / Identity

– Analysis
– Positioning
– Target audience
– Why – How – What
– Brand Story
– Guiding idea and concept
– Brand values
– Design principles

Emotion / Design

– Design concepts
– Logo (Word-Image-Mark)
– Typography
– Colours
– Imagery
– Illustration Style
– Design elements
– Layout behaviour
– Brand styleguides

Energy / Launch

– Design applications
– Brand consulting and support
– Social Media Feed Design
– Concept and creation website
– Implementation of website (WordPress)

Modern brands convince through a clear strategy, an authentic positioning and a unique, cross-media appearance.


– Brand Strategy & Design

Hi, I’m Tanita. Brand strategist and brand designer (B.A. Brand/Communication Design). Something between creative free spirit and structured process person.

I want to light up the world. I want to make soulful projects visible and give them an identity. I want to make them emotionally appealing and practical to reach even more people. I am convinced that with good design we can make the world a little more sustainable, aesthetic and functional.


Laura & Sina, paopao Essentials

“Tanita accompanied us during a phase when a lot of change was coming to PAOPAO. We are still incredibly grateful that we had Tanita by our side when choosing a new design concept. She exuded so much ease and calm that we just trusted. The result is fantastic and we feel very comfortable with our new design. The feedback from our clients has also been great. Tanita works super effectively and creatively at the same time. She was super fast in all elaborations and always on point. We are sure that Tanita will continue to accompany us on our PAOPAO journey and we are grateful to have found such a great designer.”

Rebecca Jäger, Interior

“By a funny and happy coincidence I came across Tanita. Her work and her „handwriting“ appealed to me directly and after the first contact it was also immediately clear: I would like to develop my corporate design with her. In our collaboration I especially like the mixture of professionalism, competence, fun and cordiality. Tanita always has a clear opinion, is demanding and detail-oriented with high standards for her work. She is a sensitive and patient listener, has creative ideas and always works efficiently and on time. With a lot of passion and sensitivity, she created a corporate design that perfectly fits me, my personality and my brand. The collaboration was an absolute pleasure at every moment. Therefore, from the bottom of my heart: absolute recommendation! I am proud to continue on my path with her and her support.”

Mara Bloumis, soul and media

“Tanita in four words: creative, appreciative, positive and simply brilliant! In short: everything you need, to know your new brand is in the best hands! Our collaboration was not only full of ease, but also always on a friendly level and full of inspiration. Tani managed to work out and create my corporate design so beautifully that I feel reaffirmed in my choice of designer every time. This way, founding is not only fun, but also makes me want to do a lot more! I am more than grateful for this valuable experience and look forward to future projects we can tackle together.”

Chiara della Santina, Ceramics

“Tanita is a very talented professional and an absolutely wonderful human being! Brilliant, visionary, joyful and extremely dedicated are just a few of her remarkable qualities. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure and a journey in which I felt seen and supported the whole time. Thanks to her bespoke approach and incredible talent, she immediately understood my requests and also managed to bring out some aspects of my brand that I didn’t even know were there, helping me gain even more clarity. Tanita is a passionate listener and I always felt like she was genuinely interested in my story and message, making it a priority that my final branding would reflect my unique identity. She has a wonderful sense of aesthetics and an incredible attention to details, which translated in a delivery that exceeded my wildest expectations! Always available and engaged, I never felt like I was her client but more like a “partner in crime” instead. I couldn’t recommend her more and I look forward to our next project together!”

Luisa Meija, Café del Cielo

“Working with Tanita doesn’t feel like work at all, it feels like entering into an adventure. She supported me on elevating all preexisting elements of design in my brand into a unified work that feels evocative of nature, that feels elegant but at the same light and simple. Tanita started the creative process from a place of deep empathy, and she quickly understood the essence of my brand: inspire people to take action through the beauty of nature and be curious and intentional about the way consume coffee. We both resonated through our common love for this magic black beverage. I knew Tanita would be on fire to make my project happens. And so she did, Tanita puts all her energy and goes beyond into creating something amazing. The complete process was clear, structured yet full of creativity and joy. I am very grateful to have worked with her and I am delighted every time my customers tell me how happy they feel when they receive my beautiful coffee. They feel completely inspired and identified with the brand.”

Ulrike & Jürgen Eder, Deine Ernährung

“A real stroke of luck for us. Tanita created a sustainable brand design from our specified corporate values. In the case of the training documents that are so important to us, she managed to get right to the heart of our very demanding layout and design requirements. Our customers unanimously say: „It‘s a great pleasure to work with the lovingly designed documents.“ On top of all that, even with a tight schedule, the expected results were always exceeded, thanks to her incredibly effective working style. THANK YOU!”

Lara Ritz, Happiness Coaching

“Tanita has managed, with her enormous professional competence and especially through her empathetic and sensitive manner, to design my branding concept incl. homepage in such a way that I find myself in it 100%. The professionalism and quality of her work has completely exceeded my expectations and I am overjoyed that Tanita has accompanied me on my way to independence from the very beginning. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful collaboration and look forward to more projects with her.”

Julia Heinz, Communique

“Tanita and I met over 8 years ago and ever since she sent me a coffee magazine she had designed (at that time still a study project) – it was clear that she would take over the corporate design if I ever started my own business. Tanita has an incredible sense for people, colours, shapes and moods. She intuitively recognises individual strengths and translates them into expressive designs. Tanita is bubbling over with creativity and it was not easy for me to decide on one of her concepts – because they were all simply fantastic. Tanita inspires, creates and designs. Tanita is design. Through and through. Emphatic and professional. Thank you for this beautiful journey. And for being you.”

Caroline Weindel, Yoga und Coaching

„From the very beginning, I had the feeling that Tanita knows exactly what suits me and my brand. What you can‘t put into words yourself, she puts into her designs with ease. The results of her work exceeded my expectations – an all-around happy package that I was able to start with immediately. If you‘re looking for someone who understands you and makes everything happen with love and detail, Tanita is the designer to go.“

Maria Tarantino, Hej Nord

„Tanita, with her fine sense, packed my ideas into an incredibly beautiful design and concept that reflects the Nordic lifestyle. She managed to trigger emotions with the design and the chosen visual language in a way I couldn‘t have wished for otherwise. I especially appreciate her competent and structured approach, which made me feel at ease from the very beginning. She knows how to guide, accompany and inspire me on my way like a compass with her calm and sensitive manner. You can feel that she is passionate about what she does, which makes working with her even more enjoyable. I can highly recommend Tanita and am proud to be one of her clients. I look forward to continuing to work with her and sharing the success of hej nørd.“

Laura Letschert, Creator Campus

“Appreciative, passionate, to the point, artist, lightness – this is how I would like to describe Tanita. I never felt like a client with Tani, but a human being who is seen holistically by her. She listened to me patiently, carefully examined and questioned my answers and sometimes shook me awake – always with the goal of being a valuable companion and driving force for me and my vision and to realize it with me! Thank you, dear Tani!”

Sara Gumb, Holistic Health Coaching

“Tani managed to unite all my ideas, my feelings and my heart and to pack them into a design that couldn’t be more authentic for me. Despite the physical distance, the collaboration felt very close and I was able to build trust quickly. Tani fulfilled my wish to bring in strong colours without neglecting her clear style – this combination is simply WOW and I am in love with my brand identity and my design. Professionalism, reliability and empathy is what was also important to me and for that I also give Tani full marks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a unique and wonderful result!”


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